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allow me one moment of sentimentality.

i just want to take a minute to say how much i appreciate those of you who still follow me and interact with me even though the fandom that initially brought us together is not active anymore or i’m simply not active in it anymore.

whether that is because we’ve found other fandoms/interests in common or simply that you like reading my posts despite not being into whatever topic they’re about, it doesn’t matter. i’ve been participating in online fandoms for a damn long time now and i know from experience how rare it is for people to still interact when the initial hype has “fizzled out”.

i just want you to know that the fact that you all still hang around means a lot to me, and i always look forward to seeing your posts on my dashboard, even if they’re for a fandom i don’t know much about. i consider you all awesome people and genuinely my friends. just thought you should know that.

  1. famousfremus said: Hugs right back at you!!!
  2. communicuff said: ILY <3 Thank YOU for talking to me :’)
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